May 20, 2024


#ThursdayThoughts – END OF THE ROAD

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HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!  Today marks Day 25 of my no solid intake fast.  This is the end of the road.  I’ve made three personal records while on this fast.  I deadlifted 405 pounds, ran my fastest 10 k, and I ran over 6 miles.  I’ve been living off of freshly pressed juices, green tea, soups, water, and smoothies.  I can’t forget about peanut butter.  We’ve had this discussion before.  Peanut butter is not a solid.  This helped me sustain my strength after working out.  There will be no before and after pictures.  I did not take a picture 25 days ago because I knew I didn’t want to take one when I finished.  This was more for me versus trying to show you all the results of it.  I can say I am down 20 pounds which is good.  I’m at 245LBS as of this morning.  I’m satisfied with that.  I’ve come to the realization that my 245 will look completely different from others.  I’m starting to understand body compositions, weights, and height.  Sometimes I see articles where they said concentrate on size, not weight.  I always took that as a cop out to not lose the actual weight.  I may not fully agree with it still, but I understand what they mean.

I’m feeling somewhat self-conscious over these past few days.  I feel that my arms have shrunk in size.  I pride myself on my guns.  I’m like OH NO!  My clothes are fitting looser and above all I have mental clarity.  I’ve been running a lot lately.  My first 2 and half weeks I was lifting weights as well as cardio.  One hour of weights, followed by one hour of cardio.  When I began to increase the miles I ran from 3 to 4, my weight lifting took the back seat.  I tried to keep a good balance but I had a goal in my head for running that I wanted to accomplish so that’s where I focused my energy.  I may have dropped in size, but my strength is still there.

I have been looking forward to this reuben sandwich since Day 3.  It only comes once a year.  I had it for the first time last year and fell in love.  I’ve told you before I love food.  I can admit it.  I will try not to go crazy.  I’m still working on not being a whore.  I still need work.  At this point all I want to do is finish this run this morning.  I’ve been having a craving for lamb meat.  I may buy a leg of lamb and roast that.  Who knows.  Ok enough about food because it’s throwing me off.  FOCUS!!!

Today will be my 3rd day running 6 miles.  After today I will rest from running, as well as working out until Monday.  I have been going non stop prior to this new year coming in.  I still work a full-time job.  I’m still trying to understand this blogging life which I feel I’m getting better at.  Maintaining the diet, getting off track, then getting back on, and just life in general, I just need to take a few days to recharge.  I rarely take days off but I will starting tomorrow.  I chuckled as I wrote that sentence because I know I have some tasks that need to be done at home.  Let me be honest and clarify, I’ll just take time off from the gym until Monday.  Maybe Monday I’ll go for 7 miles.  Yes that’s been in my head too.  When someone is finished running at the gym, I am curious on their progress so I ask.  I’ve had three people tell me they just finished 7 miles.  Being the competitor that I am, I congratulated them first, but I knew I had to step my game up.  7 is the new 6….



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6 thoughts on “#ThursdayThoughts – END OF THE ROAD

  1. Thank you for your glorious uplifting spirit that helps me in my journey to giving me the courage to run again.. I have always loved running.. the most I have ran was 10 miles.. I was going to run a half a Marthon but I had upper respiratory inf. Due to running outside I love running outside since I don’t have a treadmill at home or a gym membership. I enjoy the peaceful nature.. yesterday I’m on my 3rd day of running 5 miles. For me that’s Ok. I’m use to running 6 is normal..I love running long distance.. only I never made it passed 10 miles.. that’s my goal.. following your encouragement really helps alot also the other people u help to run.. thank u Darlene I’m going to work on my 5 and a half this afternoon to be continued..

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