April 12, 2024



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It’s Wednesday morning and I feel I’m already behind on the day. I decided to sleep in because, well, I wanted to. I woke up with an attitude. No one triggered me at all. Some days I wake up mad and I’m working on that. The only way I can get a grasp on this attitude of mine is to workout, but I just don’t feel like it right now.

Your attitude determines your altitude.
There’s nothing more precious in life than time. Time is something you can’t get back no matter how hard you try. As each day passes you reflect on how well you spent it. This is the real currency of life.

The thing about extra sleep, is I want more of it. There are days where I do not feel like getting out of bed. The number 1 reason for that…ADULTING. The responsibilities you acquire to live free as an adult, at times isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be.

These are one of the thoughts going through my head to motivate me to get out of this bed. “A man that doesn’t work, doesn’t eat.” Wise words from my Grandmother that she told me when I was younger.

When you’re young, you rarely have these types of responsibilities at this age. The only thing I had to worry about was keeping up good grades in school and my chores. Those responsibilities would help mold me to who I am today.

In 4th grade I was terrified of my mothers reaction. I had no clue that things had gotten this bad. It was parent/ teacher conference and the teacher wanted to talk to my mother about my grades. Somehow I managed to get an F in Conduct and an F in Effort.

To this day I can remember having an “I DON’T CARE” attitude. I don’t remember my conduct being onry to grant an F in it. During that parent teacher conference I was the total opposite of what I was in class. I had no clue how my mother would react to this report this woman, this teacher, was giving about her son.

I remember the times she would discipline me, but this time was different. She didn’t say anything to me. She gave me the silent treatment when we got home.

In that moment I realized how much of a disappointment I was to her. As a child I didn’t know that I was representing her as she sent me off to school. This F in conduct and effort was pure embarrassment to her. Being an embarrassment and disappointment to my mother was thee worst thing I could ever be to her.

There are two things in life I know for sure of what I don’t want. 1, is to let anyone down from my lack of effort & conduct. 2, not being able to feed myself.

These are two valuable lessons I learned from the two most important people in my life. It all came from a place of love.

I immediately feel disappointment in myself for sleeping in because it limits the time I have to put myself in a better position to work & eat. It’s the lack of effort at times I feel I have that when I do, I flash back to the feeling I felt from my mother after the parent teacher conference.

The last thing I want to be is a disappointment to my clients because I am not prepared due to me sleeping in. This is not saying not to get I shouldn’t rest , but to take into account what’s at stake when I do.

I roll out the bed. Make my way to the kitchen for a fresh cup of coffee that I programed the night before to brew at 530am. Surprisingly it’s still warm enough so I don’t have to warm it up in the microwave. Now it’s time to workout!

My Mother and Grandmother are no longer with me. The valuable lessons of life they taught me is what I have left. I only have so much time to operate in this world. Within this time, I have to put in the effort to conduct myself so their lessons learned, won’t be in vain.

Wake up Christian, drink some coffee, go workout. #MOREWEIGHT

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