#ThursdayThoughts – FOCUS ON POSITIVITY

FOCUS ON POSITIVITY CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO Focus On Positivity, something I was was not following.  This post started off as a rant on a completely different subject.  It was something personal and irrelevant to what’s important.  I realized I was contradicting myself.  The post was more about me instead of being […]

#ThursdayThoughts – FINISH WHAT YOU START

FINISH WHAT YOU START THE ART OF WILL POWER   I was tempted to skip this Thursday Thoughts post.  My mother always told me FINISH WHAT YOU START.  I heard that voice, so I began writing.  I’ve been scatter brained this week.  I had several subjects I wanted to touch on but I couldn’t pick […]


NO DAYS OFF   Today is my day off of work but going into today I knew that I had a lot that I wanted to get done.  Do I ever really get a rest day?? I woke up around 830 this morning and I did not start my day off with a bottle of […]


  PODCAST INTERVIEW WITH EIAN CARLIN       I’m honored to be interviewed by Eian Carlin on his podcast A MIND FOR FITNESS.  Click below to listen to the entire interview.  I would love to read your feedback on my interview.  Thanks in advance!   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO MY PODCAST INTERVIEW    […]


FULL DAY OF EATING, VOTING, & WORKING OUT   I hope you all had a successful day!  Election Day!  They made it seems like it was Judgement Day.  Geez!  I don’t want to turn this to a political post and it sure won’t be.  I’ll just be glad when all of this is over so […]

The 3 Day Quote Challenge- DAY 2

The 3 Day Quote Challenge DAY 2 Thank to Shay-lon of https://fitness9555.wordpress.com She nominated me for THE 3 DAY QUOTE CHALLENGE 3 quotes each day 3 nominees to be nominated (no repetition!) Thank the person who nominated you Inform the nominees   Here are my quotes “You shouldn’t throw stones from a glass house, and if […]


  SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD      I am honored that my buddy Shay-lon from https://fitness9555.wordpress.com has nominated me for THE SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD I hope that this award will bring sunshine to other bloggers, and smiles to all my readers. I appreciate the given support from all of you and hopefully you will enjoy both my answers […]

#ThursdayThoughts – END OF THE ROAD

END OF THE ROAD HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!  Today marks Day 25 of my no solid intake fast.  This is the end of the road.  I’ve made three personal records while on this fast.  I deadlifted 405 pounds, ran my fastest 10 k, and I ran over 6 miles.  I’ve been living off of freshly pressed […]

#SundayConfession 2-28-16

#SundayConfession 2-28-16   #SundayConfession I become beyond irate when I walk into the gyms locker room and the fan is on.  The weather has been cold.  I do not understand why people need the fan on in the locker room.  Every time I see it on, my initial thoughts is to kick it.  Then I […]

#SundayConfession 2-21-16

#SundayConfession 2-21-16 #SundayConfession In school I would go by “Chris”.  Some people would assume my full name was Christopher. This was my reaction….internally   #SundayConfession I didn’t get my 1 gallon of water in at least 3 days last week.  I get down to my last two bottles and procrastinate drinking until the day was over. […]