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#SundayConfession 3-13-16

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I don’t trust people with nothing but head shots in their photo albums. I want to see the whole body. Don’t catfish me #SorryNotSorry

I did my watermelon fruit smoothie prep this week & forgot my grapes. That’s silly because
1- It’s my recipe
2- I just posted a video post up on how to make it & I failed my own self

I will be going back on solids 3-17 St Patty’s day
I plan to eat a Ruben sandwich. Maybe 2
I don’t need judgement about this. It’s going to be great.

I’ve been slowly getting acquainted with Smoothie King
I’ve had this drink called The Hulk it’s pretty good. I make my own alterations.
I add kale
I replace the soy milk with Almond milk
I replace the weight gain blend with Veg protein
Everything else I keep.  It’s delicious!


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