#SundayConfession 3-13-16

#SundayConfession 3-13-16   #SundayConfession I don’t trust people with nothing but head shots in their photo albums. I want to see the whole body. Don’t catfish me #SorryNotSorry #SundayConfession I did my watermelon fruit smoothie prep this week & forgot my grapes. That’s silly because 1- It’s my recipe 2- I just posted a video […]


  WATERMELON FRUIT SMOOTHIE     You may have a sweet tooth that you cannot curve for the life of you. I have a perfect solution. It is sweet and tasty treat that you can have as much as your heart desires. It’s my Watermelon Fruit Smoothie! I had a sweet tooth and I needed something […]


HOW TO JUICE A WATERMELON   Today I will be showing you how to juice a watermelon. You will need your juicer & a 1 gallon pitcher   A watermelon is 92% water while the other eight percent consist of vital nutrients and antioxidants. Once juiced, it should yield at least 1 gallon of juice. […]