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#SundayConfession 3-20-16

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When I wash my feet in the shower after a long run I congratulate them.I say great job out there. I’ve had feet issues in the past that caused severe pain from being overweight. Now that’s an issue of the past I’m humble that I’m able to be on my feet without any pain. This explains why I talk to my feet.


My kitchen almost caught fire Friday evening because of a grease overflow.???  I was making some fresh cut french fries and I had the burner up too high.  The grease started to overflow because I put too many potatoes in the pot.  I pot caught fire but I removed the pot from the stove top.  Crisis averted.  Moral is, maybe I shouldn’t have had the french fries.


I had a Moolatte from Dairy Queen & 3 chocolate chip cookies Friday night. I am not ashamed.  The moolatte wasn’t that good.  The coffee in it tasted old.  I was disappointed.



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