#ThursdayThoughts – FINISH WHAT YOU START

FINISH WHAT YOU START THE ART OF WILL POWER   I was tempted to skip this Thursday Thoughts post.  My mother always told me FINISH WHAT YOU START.  I heard that voice, so I began writing.  I’ve been scatter brained this week.  I had several subjects I wanted to touch on but I couldn’t pick […]


#ThursdayThoughts PERSEVERANCE & ENDURANCE   Life is a test. We are graded by the results of our choices. When situations present themselves you can be caught in the moment and not take the time to see what you are to learn from it.  When things get rough we want it to be over with as […]

#SundayConfession 3-13-16

#SundayConfession 3-13-16   #SundayConfession I don’t trust people with nothing but head shots in their photo albums. I want to see the whole body. Don’t catfish me #SorryNotSorry #SundayConfession I did my watermelon fruit smoothie prep this week & forgot my grapes. That’s silly because 1- It’s my recipe 2- I just posted a video […]

#ThursdayThoughts – MY WORLD RIGHT NOW

MY WORLD RIGHT NOW   ChristiansWeightSuccess.net is 2 months!!! Today’s #ThursdayThoughts is about whats going on in my world right now.  Today marks 2 months since I launched this blog- site.  I am just as excited today as I was then.  I thought I would get bored but I’m not.  I thought you would get […]

#SundayConfession 2-28-16

#SundayConfession 2-28-16   #SundayConfession I become beyond irate when I walk into the gyms locker room and the fan is on.  The weather has been cold.  I do not understand why people need the fan on in the locker room.  Every time I see it on, my initial thoughts is to kick it.  Then I […]

#ThursdayThoughts – STOP BEING A WHORE

STOP BEING A WHORE I know you may be reading the title of this post in shock.  You probably can’t believe what I wrote.  The truth is, its hard to stop being a whore.  A flavor whore.  My definition of a flavor whore is the constant eating for taste indulgence instead of nutritional satisfaction. I […]

#SundayConfession 2-21-16

#SundayConfession 2-21-16 #SundayConfession In school I would go by “Chris”.  Some people would assume my full name was Christopher. This was my reaction….internally   #SundayConfession I didn’t get my 1 gallon of water in at least 3 days last week.  I get down to my last two bottles and procrastinate drinking until the day was over. […]


405 POUND DEADLIFT NEW PR!   Happy Valentine’s Day Today I hit a new personal record on deadlifting! 405 POUNDS! I haven’t been deadlifting consistently these past few weeks.  I deadlifted 225 pounds earlier this week but before then, I hadn’t in a few weeks.  I didnt plan to lift or record this today.  It […]

#ThursdayThoughts – WHAT TOOK SO LONG?

WHAT TOOK SO LONG? THE DETERMINATION OF PERSEVERANCE This post comes one month and one day from when I launched this site on 1-10-16.  What took so long?  When I get asked questions, at times it takes me a long time to answer them because I have to give a cool back story so everything […]