#SundayConfessions 11-19-17 | WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY?

#SundayConfessions 11-19-17 | WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY? No I’m not talking about that Netflix original movie. Even though it was a very good movie. When you have some downtime I would recommend it. What I mean when I ask, WHAT HAPPENED TO MONDAY is this. It’s the end of the week. Let’s say it’s Friday. […]

#SundayConfessions 10-29-17 | THIS CAN’T BE LIFE 

THIS CAN’T BE LIFE I don’t like what I see in the mirror. I don’t like the way I feel. I don’t like what I’ve become. My body is totally out of shape. This can’t be life. I know you’ve had this talk with yourself right before you started your fitness journey. How did you […]


#SundayConfessions 10-22-17 | YOU NEED TO DELETE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA APPS     Yes this is what I’ve been telling myself for the past few weeks. It was just a thought until I made it happen. Yes I deleted the apps from my phone. About two weeks ago I deleted a few, but not all. […]

#SundayConfessions 10-15-17 | MY WORLD RIGHT NOW – LIFE AS A BLOGGER 

#SUNDAYCONFESSIONS 10-15-17 MY WORLD RIGHT NOW LIFE AS A BLOGGER I HAVE A DREAM I have an experience that I would love to share with everyone. I have information that I believe would be valuable to you. This recipe right here, oh my goodness, it tastes so good! I can’t wait to show you how […]

#SundayConfessions 10-8-17 | MOVING ON TO NEW BEGINNINGS

#SundayConfessions 10-8-17 MOVING ON TO NEW BEGINNINGS   Todays post was originally going to be called MOVING ON.  When I went to type in the date I noticed something.  8 is the number for New Beginnings.  Turn it on its side and it’s the symbol for infinity.  This is how I came up with the […]

#SundayConfessions 10-1-17 | EGO LIFTING

#SundayConfessions 10-1-17 EGO LIFTING Here a subject that’s been running in through my mind for a few weeks. EGO LIFTING. What is it? Who defined it? Who enforces it? Is it a penalty? To ego lift or not ego lift ”tis the question. According to the urban dictionary Ego Lifting is defined as The act […]

#SundayConfessions 9-10-17 | STOP ABUSING YOURSELF

#SundayConfessions 9-10-17 | STOP ABUSING YOURSELF   About 10-12 years ago I had a situation where I had to be real myself when I didn’t want to. I was abusing myself without knowing it. I had an Xbox 360 at the time. I loved it. I was team Xbox all the way. Call of Duty, […]

#SundayConfessions 8-27-17 – IT’S ALL ABOUT ME

#SundayConfessions 8-27-17 IT’S ALL ABOUT ME   I have no clue where I’m going with this post.  I think I just need to vent.  I titled this post ITS ALL ABOUT ME due to my social media observations. Granted, maybe majority of the people I add or follow are predominantly in the fitness field.  I […]

#SundayConfessions 8-13-17

#SundayConfessions 8-13-17 Here we are. Another week has gone by. How was yours? Mine was better than last week. Each week has gotten better. I’ve been staying on point with my nutrition. I haven’t been tracking macros & etc but I’ve been noticing victories besides the scale. This week my diet has consisted of 32 […]

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