July 11, 2024


YOU SHOULDN’T WORKOUT NEXT YEAR | 5 reasons to consider starting today.  

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It’s the first day the gym is open in January and I’m looking how packed it is.  As I look up I see the group classes filled with moving bodies.  I look to my left to see every exercise machine being occupied.   I look to my right to see the same thing.  There are so many people, let alone new people here, I’m slightly overwhelmed.  


I just hope none of these people get in my way.  I’ve seen this year after year.  New Years resolutioners that fill the gym the first day all to dissipate by next week.
I have to be aggressive with my plan to workout because if I’m caught slipping, someone will take over the area I’m working in.   


The worst feeling in the world is get caught lacking in the gym during this time.  My frustration sets in as I maneuver the crowd to get to the free weights.   I finally snatch a bench that’s open.  I set my towel on the bench as the universal signal that it’s occupied as I grab some dumbbells.  

I see someone standing in front of the bench I just reserved.  They’re looking to see if they can jump in to use it.  As I’m walking with two 80 pound dumbbells in my hand, I see them and immediately yell “THATS MINE!!”


They look at me with their eyes bucked like a deer in headlights as if they weren’t going to takeover my bench.  They walk away as I make my way to my reserved bench.  I sit down and exhale.  


At this point I’m frustrated that someone doesn’t know the universal towel signal that this bench is reserved.  “They must be a newbie”, I thought.  At this point I could care less if this is their first experience at the gym and that experience is being yelled at to move from what I reserved.  

That’s how it is.  I was once that newbie, and that’s how I was broken into the gym at the top of the year.  It’s only right I continue tradition.

This is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t workout next year.  

You should begin when you hear read this.  It sounds all good to wait until the new year to begin your fitness journey but in reality you should get started now. 


I’ll share with you 5 factors to consider on why you should not wait until next year, but rather start your fitness journey now.



If you haven’t been working out up to this point, it’s going to be tougher when you step foot into that world.  Tough doesn’t mean impossible.  How you respond to when things are tough will determine how far you go in your fitness journey.  Starting from scratch can have its benefits.  It’s all bout your perspective.  Keep a positive outlook and learn from each workout.  



The most weight I’ve lost overnight was 2 pounds.  I’m sure some have lost more, but that does not equate to the total amount you want to lose.   Each day I had to dedicate myself to the regiment that caused me to lose those two pounds.  

You have to stay consistent with the routine for days, weeks, months, to get to your goals.  Consistency & Persistence is key.  



What’s your plan?  Do you have a gym membership? Do you want to workout in a commercial gym with the Covid cloud lingering?  Do you want to do group or one on one training?  Have you got a workout schedule that fits your schedule?  Do you have a nutrition plan in place?  Do you have a meal plan in place?  Do you have a meal prep service in place?  



New year new me!  There will be hundreds and thousands of people nationwide that are thinking just like you.  They want a fresh start at the top of the year.  Now with everyone thinking the same, it means gyms will be packed.  How comfortable will you be with the influx of people at the gym?  Will it be more beneficial for you to train at a private studio gym?  



I’m not intentionally fear mongering but you have to consider the Covid protocols if you decide to workout at a commercial gym or private gym.  Will you be comfortable with them?  We’re going into year number 2 of this pandemic and it looks like another variant is spreading.  I hope not, but it seems they may shut the country down again.   These are things to consider which I’m confident that you have already.   You take the chance of being around an influx of people in close quarters which some may or may not wear their masks.  Regardless if it’s a gym requirement or not, how comfortable will you be either way?  Will this distract you or not? 

If you are looking to start your New Years resolution fitness goals today, I am currently taking clients with the few spots I have available.  


Not only do I specialize in one on one personalized workout sessions at my private home studio, I will write your customized workout ebook with video tutorials for those who can’t work with me one on one.   


All of my training options are listed on website ChristiansWeightSuccess.net 


When you choose to work with me one on one, you will be provided with the resources for your FREE customized meal plan.  


Book your sessions today. 

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