Sat. Jan 25th, 2020

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What’s The Best Move For You?

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What’s The Best Move For You?








When you’re in the middle of the known and unknown what are you to do? They say make your next move your best move. What’s the best move? What’s the next move? Again, what do I do? There’s a lot riding on the next move.

That’s the type of headspace I’m currently in. Anxious, frustration, and uncertainty can kill my vibe. Word to Kendrick.

While I’m in the middle of all of this I have let my health slip to my standards. You go through the phase of what’s all of this for if this has to happen. “This” can vary, pending on your situation. Regardless of what “this” is or isn’t  going to be, you have to be healthy to endure it.




It’s getting cold here in Peoria, Illinois. The older I get, the less I like dealing with cold weather. This weather made me think of something.  As I was putting layers of clothes on to go outside, you have to be tough to endure the cold. When times get tough, if you have to layer up. #Bars.

I was pumping gas and felt my fingers on the verge of freezing off.  I began to think, anyone living in this type of weather is tough. This weather is parallel to any tough life situation you are going through. You have to endure it. You figure a way out to make you comfortable even though, it’s cold. You layer up, and deal with the elements.

Learning how to layer up when it comes to your life to find some type of comfort in spite of the elements is thee survival tactic. You have to go through these cold times to make room for the new. Yes it sucks as you’re going through it. You don’t want to hear the positive outlooks your friends have for you. You just want the situation to be over with so you can go back to what you were doing.



There’s a chance that what you were doing wasn’t profitable in your life from a growth standpoint. Destroy and rebuild is the process of muscle building. It also applies to life as I’m learning. Situations have to die off to make room for the new. The laser focus on a diet will come and go.  You reflect on why you quit, learn your lesson, and start over again, stronger than before.

It’s a life cycle we are all learning, and I’m learning right along side with you. During these past few weeks, as scrambled as I’ve been mentally, I’ve taken time to reflect on what’s important to me. I have the answer, now it’s time to execute it. There will be highs and lows in the terrain of life. It is what makes us. That’s the focus.

How can this time, of when I feel broken, make me?  This is a question you have to answer yourself, as you are at your low point. Remember, the focus isn’t on the break, it’s on the make!





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