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What Does #MoreWeight Mean?

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What Does #MoreWeight Mean?








#MoreWeight is a hashtag I’ve been using for a few weeks. It has multiple meanings. I was inspired by one of my clients with this.

He would tell me “more weight” if the exercise we were performing wasn’t challenging enough. He would always push himself to that point. I thought it was funny because some weight I thought would be too heavy for him, but he proved me wrong.




Seeing that, it’s a testament of life. The pressures of life can break you or make you shine bright like a diamond.

You can take the saying of more weight in various ways. You can look at it as a reflective moment, “that was a lot of pressure on me and that made me tougher.”

Not to egg anything on but when you are going through the pressures of life at least for me, I understood what the weight was doing to me. I was in the mentality of more weight, more weight more weight.



I was feeling that the world was coming down on me. It was more the mentality of, “you can add more weight on my back while I’m down, but I’m just going to find a way to push this weight up off of me.”

When the pressures of life begin to weigh on you, the mentality of more weight must set in. The only thing that situation is going to do is to make you more stronger. If any situation you are put in is not making you stronger, simply chant more weight. more weight, more weight. 





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3 thoughts on “What Does #MoreWeight Mean?

  1. Thank you for this video. I needed this encouragement. I’ve lost 10lbs over a 3 week period on keto and I felt like I just wasn’t losing enough and I was so close to starting over on the HCG drops again until I saw this video. I’m just so impatient and am so tired of the reflection in the mirror but you have encouraged me to continue. You look great and are such an inspiration for me. Again thank you!

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