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#SundayConfessions 6-5-16

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Sunday Confession- New--white2

I haven’t done these in about a month, I barely know where to start. I took some time off to gather myself & smell the roses while I can.  I talked more about this in my #ThursdayThoughts post SITCHO BUTT DOWN!  Subconsciously I guess I wrote that for myself.  I had no intentions of stepping back but that’s the power of speaking things into existence.    Here we go!


This is something new I discovered a few weeks back.  Avocado ice cream!  Tasted like lemon sherbet.  It was about $8….yes….$8!  It was good. I purchased it from my local Hyvee grocery store.  Truth is I only paid $4 because they didn’t have the price in the system when it was scanned.  Instead of them wasting time to fix it at the moment, they let me get it for half off!  I love that store!

The pitcher to my blender broke.  It started leaking slowly a few weeks ago until it eventually gave out.  I had been babying it trying to make a smoothie here and there.  I would put the fruit in first then the blend it.  Once the fruit was smooth, I would add the liquid, then hurry and put it in a cup.  I was trying to avoid leakage.  I made my last smoothie this past Monday.  After that, the pitcher just broke apart at the bottom. #RIP


During my time off I was to write more of these #SundayConfessions so by the time today came, I would have at least 10.  Well, that never happen.  I got use to not writing stuff down.


I was to have these up by at least 3pm, but it’s almost 7pm.  I literally fell asleep in my chair typing these.  I’m still running off at least 4 hours of sleep on average so my body needed a quick cat nap.


I’ve had 3 birthday parties in the month of May and only at cake at 1.  I believe I did good.


My normal routine of doing ab crunches or push ups in the morning, I’ve been slacking on.  Going to refocus on that this week.


My love for dark chocolate almonds is getting out of hand.  I spent like $12 on a bag a few days ago.  They’re so good!!!! I am a flavor whore when it comes to them.


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