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#SundayConfessions 6-12-16

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I’ve been out of the loop so much of doing these I almost forgot about them. I’ll get my rhythm back soon enough.

I had a brownie, or two, or three a few days ago. Hear me out though, it had peanut butter icing on it. You know my love for peanut butter by now. It was a great combo!

I call myself being Superman and tried to run 3 miles in the hot sun the other day. Midway thru the heat started to pound on my head. Now I’ve ran in hot weather before but this heat was something different. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was about 90 plus degrees out there. I ran 2 miles outside then came back in to run 2 more on the treadmill.

I have a bad habit of sleeping with my contacts in. Some days I just pass out in my bed without taking them out. This has been struggle with me for years. I know it’s a bad habit and I swear it’s one that I don’t want.

I’ve been juicing for about three years and I’ve never thrown out a juice combo. I’ve made some good ones and bad ones, and I’ve drank them all. I made a combo the other day that I came close to throwing out. Every time I drank it, it made me slightly queasy. I drank the last two bottles of it today and I’ve never been so happy to get rid of a juice. #Survivor

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I’m so happy to have my blender back!!!

#WarWounds #BattleScars

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