#SundayConfessions 11-20-16

  #SundayConfessions 11-20-16   #SundayConfession I still think “every time” is one word.  Autocorrect sets me straight every time (I didn’t need it then)   #SundayConfession I have at least 16k people following me added up on my all social networks and when I look at my numbers/ stats and I’m looking like …. I […]


#ThursdayThoughts STANDING YOUR GROUND   CLICK BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO   PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE ME YOUR COMMENTS/THOUGHTS ON THIS POST. YOU CAN REPLY BY EMAIL, FILL OUT THE CONTACT FORM BELOW, OR SIGN IN ON YOUR WEB BROWSER.  I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR FEEDBACK [contact-form][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ […]

#SundayConfessions 11-6-16

#SundayConfessions 11-6-16 This is my first #SundayConfessions in a month.  I took a month off from posting because I was bogged down.  I always debate whether or not to continue these but I still feel the urge to post them.  It’s always one person that will write and say they enjoy them so that’s what […]

#SundayConfessions 9-4-16

#SundayConfessions 9-4-16   September is here!  The last quarter of the year.  How will you finish off this year?  Have you begun your thought process for 2017?  Ok, I’m going to stop scaring with you with thinking so far ahead lol.   #SundayConfession As of today I am on Day 62 of my juice fast/no […]

#SundayConfessions 7-24-16

#SundayConfessions 7-24-16   #SundayConfession I watch The Avengers cartoons on Netflix.  I’m still a kid at heart.  I just want to see Hulk break stuff.  He and Thor are always going at it lol.   AVENEGERS ASSEMBLE!!!     #SundayConfession Last week I didn’t post any Sunday Confessions.  Instead I posted my day 10 from […]

#SundayConfessions 6-26-16

#SundayConfessions 6-26-16   #SundayConfession I respond to majority of text messages with this emoji ? If you don’t know what that emoji signifies then maybe you need that response too.   #SundayConfession It irritates me when you like a lot of someone’s pics on IG then they screen shot it, re post it and say […]

#SundayConfessions 6-12-16

#SundayConfessions 6-12-16 #SundayConfession I’ve been out of the loop so much of doing these I almost forgot about them. I’ll get my rhythm back soon enough. #SundayConfession I had a brownie, or two, or three a few days ago. Hear me out though, it had peanut butter icing on it. You know my love for […]

#ThursdayThoughts – SITCHO BUTT DOWN!

SITCHO BUTT DOWN!   SITCHO BUTT DOWN!!!  Something I have to tell myself every so often.  We all need rest day(s).  Day(s) where we just sit down and smell the roses while we can.  There is nothing wrong with rest and recuperation.  In the quest to a healthier lifestyle, the idea of sitting down and […]

#SundayConfession 5-8-16

#SundayConfession 5-8-16   HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!   #SundayConfession I’ve officially given up the act of taking a nap. I’m up at 4am daily and I run around all day until about 11pm/midnight without any naps in between. I don’t care what anyone says, naps are wonderful. Now I may doze off for a second or […]