June 23, 2024


#SundayConfession 4-10-16

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So I bought this video game mainly for my nieces and nephew when they come over.  At least that’s what I told myself.  It was reasoning for me to buy it for myself.  So me and my nephew were playing it for the first time Friday night.  He got Batman and of course I got Superman.  He beat me both matches. ??? I guess that’s what I get for talking trash about Batman.  My stance still stands.  Batman is jealous of Superman.  By the way my nephew is 5.  #IveGottenRusty  #sundayconfession



Ima just leave this here.  It was delicious!


I don’t know how to really explain his but here I go.  Monday morning I was getting ready for work (4:30am ?????) and I realized my contact lenses were in my eyes already.  I recall taking them out the night before but I do not recall putting them in that morning.  This has been creeping me out all week trying to figure how this happened.  Maybe it’s a part of getting older, maybe it was aliens ?, either way it’s been messing my brain all week.   This is an official X-File.  Cue in the theme music

Click on the picture below to view my latest video HOMEMADE COCONUT MILK.  There will be a post for it tomorrow morning so check back with me then


Click on the picture to view the video

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