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#SundayConfession 2-28-16

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I become beyond irate when I walk into the gyms locker room and the fan is on.  The weather has been cold.  I do not understand why people need the fan on in the locker room.  Every time I see it on, my initial thoughts is to kick it.  Then I realize I do not own the fan, so I have to calm down.  I simply turn it off.  I’m working on my temper.


I can honestly say I’ve been doing good this week far as eating goes.  By the time you read this I will be on my 7th day without solids.  I’ve been on liquids.  Water, juice, smoothies, teas, and soups.  Is peanut butter a solid or nah?  Hmmm…I have to google this.  Anyhow, when I am hungry I eat a spoonful, or two, or three…or four lol.  Other than that, I’ve behaved myself this week.  Hopefully I can stay like this (no solids) until St. Pattys Day.  I have plans for that day.  No drinking, but plans that will be joyous to my life.


I believe in aliens, extra terrestrial, or galactic intelligent life. I get flack for it but oh well. If I end up on the Mars space colony after this, then you know why.
I received this picture of a dead deer.  Now this deer was discovered near a lake.  It looks mutilated.  I do not know much about deer and where they live but this area of where this lake is at, is not where deer normally live.  How its body is placed, and (yes I wrote PLACED) near the lake, looks like it has been dropped off and mutilated.  I believe aliens did it.  You be the judge.

i think aliens did this

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2 thoughts on “#SundayConfession 2-28-16

  1. I lost it when I read the fan comment! I go to Planet Fitness and they have a huge fan spinning over me while I’m trying to get my cardio on. This fan is so huge I couldn’t safely kick it even if I wanted too…. I still hate it and it angers me though!

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