June 23, 2024


Birthday Reflections | This is 39

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Birthdays are always time of reflection for with me. This is usually the state of mind I’m in.

Throughout the day I’m thinking of what I’ve accomplished from the previous year. What did I set out to accomplish? Did I hit or miss any goals that I set? What new goals do I want to set for the future?

It’s been 12 years since my mother passed. Each year I feel different on my birthday since she is not here to celebrate it with me.

This year, I’m not as emotional as I have been. It’s just more in depth reflection.

I reflect on what I”m worth to society. What am I offering of value? Who are the people that value me? Can that value be exchanged to financially support myself?

I can stay for the first time this year the answer is yes. I am proud to be your personal trainer and to others. I’m happy to be a personal trainer for my own sake. I love what I do.

This is one of the first year that I can remember where I did not take the day off for my birthday. I took clients today for this reason alone. I love what I do.

My line of work is what I set out to do years ago. I am my own boss. That feels great to say. I went from clocking in as the lead cook at the nursing home, to a full time independent personal trainer.

Through sharing my fitness journey I was able to transform that into a way to make a living. That makes puts a smile on my face.

I’m doing what I love to do. Essentially that is helping people. The value I provide is helping real people from my experiences.

Life is all about helping each other.

I am forever grateful for the lessons mother instilled in me.

I watched her help so many people being a social worker. Those lessons were balance, empathy and patience.

39 will be the best year of my life. I’m always optimistic but I fix my eyes on the positive. I take the negative as a possibility or an alternative perspective and prepare for both. #Balance

Year 39 the focus will be more on balance. To balance is to have strength. To have strength takes time. Trusting the process of time is the understanding of balance. #MoreWeight

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