June 11, 2024



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I need to shake this lethargic feeling now! Im on my 2nd training session on this Monday morning when I realize I haven’t had any coffee. In my line of work it’s a disservice to the client when my energy is low.

How did I get to this point? How did I, out of all people, not drink any coffee this morning? What was I doing that I missed that?

It’s 730am and I’m laying in the bed enjoying the extra hour and a half of sleep. This is my version of sleeping in but any other day I’m up at 530am. As I make my way to the kitchen wiping the crust out of my eye, my 1st mission of the day is to make a fresh pot of coffee.

While the coffee is brewing I pull out my gallon of water I’ve frozen overnight and thaw it on the counter. I can not drink water if it isn’t ice cold.

The smell of fresh coffee brewing excites me. I prefer to drink my coffee with creamer, so I do just that. With a fresh cup of coffee in my #MoreCoffee mug, I make my way downstairs to my gym.

Sippin on this fresh cup is music to my soul. My body awakens as I turn the lights on, set my diffuser with peppermint & spearmint oil. I turn the oscillating fan on to get some air circulating.

I’m all set for this morning cardio session before my first client. Today’s cardio session will be 30 minutes on the stationary bike. The 1st five minutes are hell. I set the resistance on 15 to force my legs to move, get my heart rate above 120 because my apple watch won’t register until I have over 105 bpm.

In addition to having my cup of coffee to wake up, these morning cardio sessions set the tone for the day. They go hand in hand in my world. Everything is off when I don’t do either or before my 1st training session.

This is why I am feeling lethargic during this training session. My morning routine was off. I didn’t have any coffee therefore I didn’t do my normal 30 minutes of morning cardio. Why though? Why hadn’t I had any coffee? This isn’t like me at all.

As I replay the scenario of how my morning went, I found the answer. Or ANSWERS…
1st, I slept in longer than normal which I rarely do. When I made my way to the kitchen earlier that morning I realized I was out of creamer so I refused to drink coffee without creamer. Coffee this morning was forfeited which snowballed my morning routine being thrown off.

Looking at my watch as my client is on their break I see we have a few minutes left in the training session. I immediately make plans to go to Sams to get some creamer amongst other things so I can make a fresh pot of coffee before my next session of the day. I refuse to give my next client this piss poor energy.

It’s about 1130 am and I’m back home from Sams with my creamer brewing a fresh cup of coffee. I have 30 minutes before my next client and I refuse to give off slacker vibes. The excitement I’m feel as the aroma of coffee fills the air is like reminisces of childhood joy the night before Christmas. I down my first cup of coffee & creamer. I’m telling you when that coffee kicked in, i felt my body transform immediately. Everything around me became brighter, my mood was joyous , I was me again.

When your routine is thrown off it can have a snowball effect into the entire day. We’re coming off Thanksgiving holiday break and its so easy to get out of your daily routine of eating right and working out. As with anything, when there’s a problem, you have to identify why the problem exist by asking yourself WHY & HOW.

The sooner you answer those questions, you can get better understanding to set yourself back on the right path. I hope you all had a great holiday break, now it’s time to get back to your fitness routine.

Whatever your routine was before the holiday, go through each step prior to holiday to put those systems back in place asap. #MoreWeight


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