May 20, 2024


What Turns You On?

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What turns you on?  I know that title caught your eye.  This is what I mean.  When you’re slacking in your workout and you just can’t push through.  At what point does something pop in your head and you get this jolt of energy to push harder?   What is that for you?




An example for me.  I start early every day because I have clients as early as 5:15am.  Sometimes I work out before my clients.  The times that I’m accustomed to (when I say accustomed, this is going off, seven/ eight years ago.  Maybe I should get out of that mental rut of complacency.  My peak hours  to workout were between 9 to 10am.  That’s the perfect and ideal workout time for me. A lot of times I don’t
have that time slot.  When I don’t have that time slot, I have to work out before or a little after.  Last week I had to work out at 730PM.   That’s just how my day was going that day.  

I’ve been doing interval training (HIIT).  It helps with what we’re talking about now.  I can turn on the timer, hear the buzzer, and will react accordingly to the sound.  

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I’m lethargic when I start.  I end up getting into the workout once I focus on completing it.  On days I don’t have the workout written, I freestyle it.  After my warm up set is when I begin to get into the workout, slightly.  There is something that does click within me that gets me fully immersed into the workout.  There is something about that moment is when I learn to let go of the day.  The day that was, or the day that will come.  All of that doesn’t matter.  Only thing that matters in that moment, is being present in that moment.

The feeling of being in tuned with your body, the feeling of your heartbeat, how your breathing changes is what I love.  Being in the moment, I’m not worried about what happened before the workout or what may happen after the workout.  My mentality is FINISH WHAT YOUR START.

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When I’m in the moment I’m telling myself to focus on “this” task.  “Let’s focus on these curls.”  “Let’s focus on these squats.”  “Let’s focus on us.”  On different days, I have different moments that get me in the zone.  Some days it’s my favorite song, or some days it’s pure emotional steam.

I’m curious to know what turns you on?  What is that moment for you?   What’s that moment for you to where you’re lethargic, in your workout, then out of nowhere, it’s like boom,  you get this jolt of energy?  I’m very interested to hear from you on what turns you on.  

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