May 18, 2024


“Maybe It’s Me” – Advice from my Grandma

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We love to blame others on the reason why we fail at our diets.  You have to first entertain the possibility of “MAYBE IT’S ME.”

I miss my grandmother daily.  We had many talks about life experiences.  She had a saying that I never understood until I “kept living” as my elders would say.


I know what that means now.  It’s being honest with yourself by entertaining how you maybe a factor into whatever situation you were thinking about.  What role did you play?  Where you the protagonist or antagonist?

Maybe It’s Me is a self check to see if YOU are/ were the problem.

We don’t talk enough about US in our diet.  How we are the issue when it comes to the failure of it.  When we peel back the layers of excuses, it’s our choice.  That freedom of choice can be liberating in perspective.  We are free to choose whether we want to sabbatgoe our diet or not.  It essentially comes down to one choice.  Your choice.

I don’t subscribe to the bi polarization of the diet intake mentality.  The act of blaming another personality within you as the reason you ate that Taco Bell.  You cast all blame on this personality that you “claim” you can’t control.  It’s like the Bruce Banner/ Hulk thing going on.


Truth of the matter is, you do have control.  You just choose not to, at that moment.  It’s liberating!  The “I Don’t Care” facade will only bring you back to you.  That, that is what you are choosing to do.  Hence “Maybe It’s Me.”

When we are in our minds, disappointed at our weekly weigh in, we flashback to figure out where we went wrong.  We replay every scenario, except admission to true self accountability.

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Maybe It’s Me.  Maybe that’s just what I wanted.  Maybe if I would have been stronger in that moment, it would have been the difference maker.  Maybe so.  The fact of the matter is, it was our choice.  It was my choice to go to Taco Bell.

When I weighed myself earlier that day, I wasn’t elated at what I read.  I flash-backed on the food I overate that pushed my calorie count over for the day.  I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.

Pennies eventually make dollars.  What you do will add up eventually.  It’s a matter of what that stimulus is.  I was going over on my macros some days, and it came back to bite me.  In those moments I went over, I knew what I wanted at that time.  I’m able to admit that because I can admit IT’S ME making that choice.  It’s not some split personality issue at all.  I’m fully aware of what I’m doing.

The first step to recovery is admission.  Admit to yourself the reason you are not where you want to be in your fitness journey is because of you alone.

Maybe you should start tracking your calories.  Maybe you should cut your weekly cheat day to once every two weeks.  Maybe I am the only one who thinks this way.  Maybe it’s me.

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