September 27, 2021


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SUNDAY 1-24-16

I debated with myself for a few days if I wanted to start posting  #SUNDAYCONFESSION here.  I’m so use to posting them to my Facebook, Twitter, & Google+.  I chose to bring them here because my thoughts are more than 140 characters and worth more than getting scrolled over.  Plus I want you to feel free to post yours in the comment box below.  I tend to over think a lot of situations and in doing that I do not make a move at all.  I’m working on myself and will get better.

I’ve been to the gym twice this week.  There is a lot more to maintaining a site than what I anticipated.  This site is the first thing that’s on my mind when I wake up.  Something that I believe to be a five-minute task ends up turning into 45 minutes.  My motivation to leave for the gym just isn’t there after that.  I’ve come to the realization that I am going to have to start setting my alarm for 5am.  This way I can hit the snooze button until 6am.  It takes me a while to roll out of bed ok.  Give me a break lol.  I will say I have been working out in my room.  #NoGymNoExcuses

I had some brownies & cookies this week.  I have a mean sweet tooth that overcomes my strong will at times.  I have my weaknesses.  It’s like the internal battle Bruce Banner has with the Hulk.  At times it’s tough to control.  Tough and impossible are different words.  I can control it but at times I do give in.  Since I am confessing this, there is no need to beat myself up about it because I don’t.  I own it and move on with my life. Let me tell you, the brownies and cookies were delicious.  I enjoyed every bite!


This is it for this weeks #SUNDAYCONFESSION.  Please feel free to write yours in the comment box below.  It can be whatever you want it to be.  Fun, serious, or random thoughts.  Just keep it clean and honest.  Please share this post on all of your social media accounts as well as email.  If you’re new to my site please sign up for the

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2 thoughts on “#SUNDAYCONFESSION

  1. Your so funny Christian, haha, I have a heck of a sweet tooth also, but you know it just goes to show your human side and we are not perfect or without flawes, We are a work in progress, so in all things you do keep God 1st and you’ll go far.

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