May 21, 2024



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I never understood their whole KEEP CALM phenomenon.  KEEP CALM and do this, or do that.  You’re telling someone to keep calm, then encourage an action after saying it.  In doing said action you’re to remain calm while doing it?? I’ve thought about this for a while and I just don’t get it.  Can someone please explain this to me.


I turn my heat off before I leave my home.  When I tell people this they tell me to keep it on but have it run on a low temp.  I just don’t get it.  If I am not here then why do I need the heat still running.  It’s like leaving your car on but turning the heat on low while you’re at work.  You’re going to burn the gas out of your car if you don’t turn it off.  This is my thinking why I turn the heat off when leaving my home.


Last week I said I would start setting my alarm to 5am.  Needless to say I’ve yet to do it.  I’m working on it people.  When that first alarm goes off at 6am I grab my phone and hit the snooze button.  Those are the best nine minutes of sleep ever!  After the nine minutes of snoozing then the alarm goes off again.  I hit the snooze again!  Two weeks ago I would snooze until my 7am alarm went off.  This week I’m only snoozing until about 6:18am.  I see this as progress.


This whole Michael Jordan crying face meme from his Hall of Fame speech is getting out of hand.  I’ve seen it posted on other peoples bodies and it doesn’t make any sense.  Neither does that big faced frog with the tears.  I’m really confused on the humor in it because I just don’t get it.


That’s it for #SUNDAYCONFESSION this week.  If you have anything you want to get off your chest feel free to reply in the comment section below.



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