July 11, 2024


Juicing vs Keto- Which One Is Better For You

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Juicing vs Keto- Which One Is Better For You








As we go into this new year of 2020, that we are so blessed to see, you start having the yearly thoughts #NewYearNewMe. You begin to think about what changes you want to make in your diet.

What has been on my mind is if I want to give keto another try or go back to juicing.  Personally I’ve had success with both a diets.  I had more with juicing though.  What’s important in life is you do what works, what you are familiar with and where you feel you will have the least path of resistance to get to your goal.


There are pros and cons with everything so the focus should be more on the pros.  I like to think on the positive side at the same time acknowledging the possibilities of the negative

The positive results that I had with keto is that it was sustainable overtime.  You could at least still eat food.   Another pro keto for me is that it’s easily accessible when you are on the go.  As I stated earlier I did see great results with keto in regards to what my particular goals were in that moment.

However when it comes to juicing it seems that I have more experience with it on a consistent basis.   I have my system down, I know how to get into a rhythm, and what I can expect from this process.

If you don’t know my story in regards to juicing I will put the link right here https://christiansweightsuccess.net/187-pound-weight-loss-transformation/ 

With that being said the positives of juicing is that I know I can drop weight quick.  I believe I’m more mentally locked in to do that but I am with keto.  Coming off my birthday and all the holidays I feel like this, What haven’t I had to eat?  You may be feeling the post holiday eating funk and just need your body to reset.  This is one of the best ways I know how.

I do not know how long I am going to commit to juicing or if I’m truly going to do it.  At this moment in time it seems like the best option for me.  I may regret the entire process of juicing, the cleanup and going to get the actual produce.  I will have to do the same thing with keto a lot of cooking and cleaning.

Going into the new year I wish you much success and which ever diet lifestyle that you choose.

HAPPY 2020! #MoreWeight


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