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January 10th, 2015 was an anticipated day in my life. On this day, my blog, went live.

Excited, anxious, nervous, joyous were some of the many feelings I had that day. One year prior to that, I had lost a ton of weight. From July 2013 to May 2014, I had lost a total of 187 pounds. CWS is where I shared my experience’s of that weight loss journey. My goal was to have a landing spot for those who inquired about how I went about this transformation. It couldn’t be told, it had to be showed.

Day 305

There are many layers to my story. I couldn’t share it in timely one on one conversation. I would translate my response to the question, How did you do it?”, through written blog posts. I never expected writing my experiences would be therapeutic.

I had so much information to share. I love to cook! A skill my mother taught me. Recording meal recipe & workout video tutorials is how I shared this information.

Not too far past that, I’m in New York City, recording a television segment for two of my recipes. Who would have thought this life changing experience, came from just that.

A few weeks prior to New York, I was employed as a certified personal trainer at my city’s local health club. I’ll say it again, who would have thought these life changing experiences, would come from just that.


My podcast has become therapeutic as writing. Sharing my life with you has helped embrace who I really am. Discovery of self is liberating. Patience is the perspective that grants you momentum in wisdom.


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All of these blessings from sharing. It is better to give than receive. This blog represents that scripture to the fullest. Spreading wisdom is love. Spreading love is the reason why I create.

For the past month I’ve been wanting to show you how I cook collard greens in the crockpot. My mind is always tinkering on the next video of information I can share with you. I’m beginning to see more time to record. Personal training clientele keeps me busy. My apologies 🙂

I am thankful that you grant me a moment of time in your day to look at my site. You could have been anywhere else in the world, but you’re right here with me. Maintaining all of this is tough. As anything in life, It has its ups and downs. If there’s anything I genuinely care about, is making sure this site is up for you. When you visit, what do you see? That question drives me to be better.



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