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I was tempted to skip this Thursday Thoughts post.  My mother always told me FINISH WHAT YOU START.  I heard that voice, so I began writing.  I’ve been scatter brained this week.  I had several subjects I wanted to touch on but I couldn’t pick one.  This came to me in the midst of me not wanting to make a Thursday post because I couldn’t settle myself.  That’s still no excuse to not complete this.

There have been plenty of times when I’ve been working out where I just want to stop.  It tends to happen right when I get into the thick of things.  A true example is when I go run.  In my head I’m telling myself I’m going to run three miles.  It’s always when I get into the middle of the run is where I want to stop.  That little voice in my head says, “2 miles is all we’re doing today.”  Approaching the two miles I get into shut down mode where I may slow down but the other voice in my head says FINISH WHAT YOU START!  So I KEEP IT MOVIN.  FINISH

In talking with people they always ask what that voice is.  What drives you.  How does that control you.  That voice can tell me all it wants to but “I” have to choose to obey it or not.  This is what I would define as will power.  I’ve “willed” myself through a lot of situations that I didn’t know what the outcome was going to be.  I knew if I stopped, I would feel like a failure.  That’s the worst feeling to have.

I have moments where I want to give up.  I’ve had moments where I gave in.  There is a difference in the two.  The difference is, WILL POWER once again.  Even in the moments where I gave in, I still assessed the situation to see what I could learn from it.  How I could be better for the next time.  The question I asked myself in this moment is, what could I do now so I can endure where I wouldn’t give up the next time.  Not every loss is a loss if you look at it from an educational standpoint.  We all want to be winners.  Like Ricky Bobby says, “If you’re not first, you’re last.”  I do agree with that, but what is it that you can do to be number 1 and stay on top.

Do not leave anything uncompleted.  If you say you’re going to do something, then do it.  Honor yourself with your word.  Finish what you start.  The voices in your head that will tell you to quit.  Your will power will allow you to overcome this.  You have to want it.  You have to home in and keep fighting to complete the task at hand.


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