June 23, 2024


#ThursdayThoughts – I HATE WORKING OUT!

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I hate working out after rest days.   It takes me about a day or two to get back into rhythm.  Monday was my first day back in the gym after a 10 day lay off.  There’s is no problem with taking time to recover mentally and physically.   I needed both.

My thought process going to the gym after an extended layover is I HATE THIS.  For clarity, I love working out.  I just hate the feeling of going back to the gym and not being as strong as I was before I left.  The first day is always tough.  I’m winded more than I’m use to.   I’m weaker than I’m use to.  It’s frustrating.  Trying to wrap my mind around that this day (first day) I will be slightly weaker and winded but come tomorrow I’ll be stronger.

The inferior feeling I get during each set bothers me.  It makes me question myself every rep.  Jumping right in and maxing out isn’t safe.  After each set I feel slightly better.  I get as adventurous as I’ll get by adding weight just to see how much  I can do. Sometimes I surprise myself by the increase in strength that I gains by resting. Sometimes my body gives out and tells me NO IM NOT DOING THIS.

My workouts don’t solely rely on weight lifting.  They consist of a good split of cardio and weights.  No matter what I’m doing the first day back is always discouraging.  During the workout I’m questioning why am I even doing this.  I have to keep myself motivated.   Everything is tougher that day.  One part of my brain is trying to convince me to quit.  The other part is convincing me to stay.  It’s an epic mental battle.  What keeps me from quitting is me not wanting to fail.  That alone right there keeps me going.

Monday I worked out on chest and back.   I’m writing this I still feel the soreness from that workout.  I love the pain as weird as it may sound.   It’s a love hate relationship.  The soreness won’t leave until maybe Friday.  It’s these first few days of soreness that I dislike.  After this first week I’ll be back to normal.  Everything will fall in line to how it once was, but better.

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2 thoughts on “#ThursdayThoughts – I HATE WORKING OUT!

  1. I’m the opposite. I am so happy to be back to working out after being off that it doesn’t matter if I can’t do what I did before because like you kind of said, I know I’ll be right back to the same as I was in no time. Muscle memory! I like feeling a little sore because then I know I did something. When I don’t get that sore feeling I have to question if I need to do something more or something different to work on. Ah, well, we struggle on, we struggle on! LOL! Enjoy your weekend!

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