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These are notes from DAY 1 OF MY JUICE FAST

Day 1

262 lbs

Today marks 3 years since I began this weight loss journey.  I’ve had success at losing the weight and success at putting it back on.  I am up almost 50lbs from 2 and a half years ago after I hit my goal weight of 215lbs.

In honor of the three years that I’ve been on this journey I am going to go on another fast for 60 days.  I want to see if I can do it again. I want to recreate the magic of what happen three years ago.  I’ve kept all of my notes from that time and I will recreate the juices (some of them) as well as the workouts (I may add on more ) from that time.

I am ready for this new challenge that’s in front of me.

Last time I went 60 days I dropped 80 pounds.  If I lose that amount by this time I’ll be 182 pounds.  I don’t want to be that.  It would be interesting to see if I could get under 200 pounds.

I should set a goal weight but I won’t this time.  I will track my weight but I want to do 60 days.  That is my goal. I am out of town at the moment so when I get home this will be the workout I will do and the juice I’ll drink.

I already have one at home that’s ready for me which consists of beets and some other stuff but I’ll get more organized in the next few days.  I want to drink more water right now but I know I have to drive back home and that’s almost three hours.  So I’ll try to hold off until I get home.

Yes!  Yesterday marks the 101st Day of my Juice Fast/ No Solids.  I feel great.  It’s amazing that I’ve gone this long without a solid meal.  Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal to me.  My peers are in shock when I tell them.  I shrug my shoulders like it’s another day.  Not in an arrogant way, but it’s more like, this is just a regular day to me.  I guess, my regular days, are more to others than they are to me.  I want to thank everyone who has supported me during this time.


I did what I set out to do.  I really tried to get under 240 but it seems my body didn’t want to go that low.  Maybe I could have done less smoothies, less lifting weights, and more cardio.  Maybe, maybe not.  I have been at this same weight of 242-245 since Day 20 or so.  Do you know how frustrating it is to be at the same weight and you feel you’re doing everything right for over 80 days?  I kept reminding myself, the ultimate goal isn’t the weight loss, it’s the duration of the fast.  I wanted to break a few times just out of frustration but I kept my focus.

Down 17 pounds on a fast for 102 days may not seem like a lot to others but it’s all about perspective in my eyes.  It was about readjusting my intake during this time.  I learned that my body fat percentage is 18%, and for my height that’s good.  I have to realize I am a tall person so my 245 may look different to someone that 5″10.  I’m settling into that.  I am going to share something with you I haven’t shared with anyone.  I was afraid to admit it, or just the thought of it scared me but here it goes.  I am “considering” skin removal surgery.  The reasons I keep going on these fast is to see if I can retract this skin but it seems to no avail.  It bothers me to think what’s my real weight if I didn’t have this skin hanging off my waist.  I have seen pictures of people who were bigger than me lose weight and have no loose skin.  I am not the only one who didn’t have a lot after weight loss.  I could make this into another post, which I will later, but I just wanted to share that with you.  Like I said, I’m “considering” it.


I plan to eat today but I don’t have a craving for anything.  I’ve been on a few fasts before and I’ve broken them because I’ve given into cravings.  Once I satisfy that craving I feel guilty because I failed myself.  That is not a good feeling to have.  After repeating that process time and time again, this time around, I’ve learned that, the guilt of giving in to that craving is a feeling I do not want to have.

My options for quality food in my city is limited.  Peoria, Illinois is predominantly meat and potatoes.  Burgers, fries, pasta, tacos, and fried chicken.  When it comes down to it, I’m like I’ve been there done that.  The temptation of those options don’t entice me.  This is partly the reason why I’ve been able to go this long.  I have never been hungry or let me rephrase that, deprived, since I’ve been on this fast.  I have a system to where I can remain full and satisfied during this time.

That’s the trick with most diet programs.  You have to find a way to be full and satisfied, with great tasting foods.  They also have to be nutritious in value.  I’ve managed to master that.  You can check out The ChristiansWeightSuccess Starter Program to learn about that.

Going back to what I wrote earlier about what I am going to eat today, I haven’t decided.  A few weeks ago I had a contest on my blog having you guess what day I would end my fast.  If you guessed correctly, you could choose my first meal.  Someone did guess the correct date, and it was DAY 101.  I never heard back from that person on what they would decide for me to eat so I’m left hanging.  However on my instagram, someone guessed the correct date (true enough it wasn’t where I wanted them to submit it) so I took them up on their offer of what they were going to have me eat.

Here’s the thing, I won’t be able to get my meal until tomorrow ( 10-16-16), due to logistics of how they have things set up.  This is something I haven’t had before, so I want to wait to have that as my official first meal. So, today I may go with juices/ no solids even if I have to wait until tomorrow to get it, then so be it.  I plan to film it for you all to see.  I just want things to be legit you know.  In actuality I’ll go 102 Days vs 101.  Once I record it, I’ll post it for you all.  Until then, I want it to be a surprise for you to see.  I’m pretty excited.

I’ve made a video for you all to show you my full day of drinking.  This is one video that I hadn’t made yet, and I’m sure you all were curious on what’s my average day like, on this type of diet regiment.  Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment.  Thanks for sticking with me through all of this.


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7 thoughts on “DAY 101 OF MY JUICE FAST

  1. Encouraged, and Inspired! I’m so proud of you! Thank you for sharing, May all that you touch turn to gold!???
    By the way, just to be clear, I’m not on a weight lost journey. I’m just an individual who’s passionate about self love, personal growth and development! I hope my words encourage you!!!

    We are all connected! You are my reflection! So grateful I attracted your video!

    I know what it’s like to walk a journey of discipline, it gives me a glimpse of the warrior DNA codes you embody!

    You are one of the “special” ones sent to help others in only the way that you can! I C U, “I See You!”


  2. You seem to be focused on getting under 200 but I’m sure you know muscle weighs more and you may want to get skin removal surgery. That will decrease your weight as well.

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