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twitter-Watermelon Fruit Smoothie



You may have a sweet tooth that you cannot curve for the life of you. I have a perfect solution. It is sweet and tasty treat that you can have as much as your heart desires.

It’s my Watermelon Fruit Smoothie!

I had a sweet tooth and I needed something that could curve that. Maybe you’re like that too. If this is true, this is the perfect solution.  This is made with a combination of fresh fruits and watermelon juice. Since this all natural, fresh fruits, and no added sugar, you can have as much as your heart desires. It’s perfect for ANYTIME of the day. Breakfast, lunch, pre/post work out, or even a desert.  Since I was such a big guy my smoothies were around 32oz or more.  I would use these as motivation while I was at the gym to finish my workout so I could go home and make one. It would be a treat, like I had to EARN it.  As I’m writing this I want to make one myself! I have provided the video tutorial below.







1– Pour about 20 ounces of watermelon juice into your blender.

2– The freezer bag of mixed fruit, open and tear off 1/3 of the bag into the blender

If the fruit is too hard to break off with your hand, set out on your counter ten to fifteen minutes before you make your smoothie.  I liked my smoothies thick so I would add more fruit. Pending on your mood you can make it to your desired consistency.

3– Place lid on blender.  Let blend until well blended on highest setting.

4– Pour into cup. Sip  with a straw & enjoy!




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  1. Hey Christian your doing an amazing job!!!! Keep up the positive media exposure and presence ???
    Found u on a juicing podcast , great interview! Def going to try your watermelon juice. Ever think of using the brown glass bottles to preserve the juices nutrients? Light oxidizes the juice n does cause a decrease in nutritional value over time. There’s a great website online that sells the brown. Glass bottles crazy cheap!! Less than .80 cents a bottle for 16-32 oz. each in a case of 12?
    Quick FYI in Re: to bigger straws for your smoothies . Try BigLots they have nice wide straws I love!!
    Best of Luck, Nursehair?

  2. looks good. i found out where i went wrong. i brought the watermelon and let it sit around for some days before i used it. i know now to use the watermelon as soon as i buy it

  3. Hi Christian =)
    I want to let you know that walmart carrys big straws that you would like, they are for smoothies.. look for them in the kitchen ware dept. I would send you some, but dont know your address.. just happen to find this website today , you are amazing and I love your website , thank you for sharing all your information to inspire others like me.. Have a great day –Love from Texas =)

  4. Christian – Ever since you showed me this recipe I always have these prepped in my freezer and on hand. Perfect for that on the go lifestyle and my children also love them. One thing that I do use sometimes in replacement of the watermelon juice due to availability in my area is I use almond milk. – Each one teach one!

    1. Yessir!
      That’s great to know the kids love it
      The almond milk is a great substitute
      If your not feeling almond milk that day or want to mix it up, try coconut water
      I’ve also been adding fresh spinach to this smoothie too for that Popeye strength lol??????

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