Chest Workout with Perfect Pushups For Women

Chest Workout with Perfect Pushups For Women   What you will need – WOD TABATA TRAINER APP (available for iOS – & android) Set the TABATA timer as follows 12- Rounds :30- Work :10 Rest Each exercise you will execute to the best of your ability for 30 seconds. You will rest for 10 […]


I CHOOSE…YOU When you have a plan set in your mind you may not know every single detail on how it’s going to be executed from the inception of the idea. You just know, this is something I want to do, this something, needs to get done. The first question to this idea is HOW? […]


COFFEE, CARDIO, AND CLIENTS It’s 6am and I woke up on the wrong side of bed.  Seems its happening more often than not as of late.  I believe it’s when reality kicks in that I have to adult.  The weight of the world is on my shoulders.  No different than you.  I wake up and […]


 #LEGDAY WITH TYLER LOWE – VIDEO   My main man Tyler Lowe came to workout with me at The Clubs at River City.  He was in town from Nashville, TN so we got a leg day workout in.  We did some calv raises, box squats, leg presses, leg curls and extensions and ended off with […]