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#SundayConfession 4-24-16

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#SundayConfession 4-24-16


I’ve had two great days lifting in the gym and I didn’t bring my go pro on either day.   I’m very upset with myself.  Every time I left my apartment something would tell me to bring it but I second guessed myself.  Always trust your instincts.   I couldn’t  resist setting up my iPhone and recording what you see below.  If the player doesn’t work I’ve provided the Instagram link below.  

This was my caption lol

Well I always have my trusty iPhone 6s. 

On Fridays what do we do? WE FLEX!

405LB Shoulder Shrugs 15 reps

#SuccessIsGolden #FlexFriday #fitfam #fitness #isymfs SHOULDER SHRUG


I’ve gotten to the point where I’m scared to not post on my normally scheduled days.  Sunday, Monday, & Thursdays are the days I post.  The thought of letting you guys down motivates me to not miss any of those days. 


I’ve been waking up earlier these days.  These are a life saver in the morning.  I’ve been putting them (it was 1 last week, this week it’s two…I don’t want to evoke a coffee addict lol) in my PEANUT BUTTER BANANA SMOOTHIE.  The struggle is real when it comes to waking up early for me. 

Life Savers

I made it 6 days & 23 hours on my all liquid fast.  I got hungry & end up eating about five handfuls of cranberry trail mix.  I have huge hands. I’ll restart today.  


This entire post was done via the WordPress app.  Usually I’ll start them here then finish at home on my computer.  I just want to see how it looks when it’s listed without all the extra stuff I do to clean it up. I’m always experimenting.   Of course I’ll get to that formatting stuff later.  Maybe I will.  Maybe I won’t. Lol. 

I will have a full post for this video below. 


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