April 12, 2024



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Sorry I had to take down today’s post on the blog

I miscounted the days

Tomorrow is day 60 of my JuiceFast 

not today


Something told me to recount the days starting from July 5th as my day one.  I don’t know how I got this mixed up.  Oh well, gotta keep it moving.  

I’ll try the live blogging thing tomorrow.  Sorry about the confusion y’all.  

2 thoughts on “SORRY TODAY IS NOT DAY 60

  1. Hi Christian !
    No biggy.. we all make mistakes.. =) I dont know how you do it, I see alot of people on these fastings.. I have yet to do one.. but it is truly hard for me because I have to cook for my family as well and smell all that good cooking.. plus i get so tired afterwards..I am tired all the time, and have to fight for energy.. think most of it is just living with unhealthy minded people that are so fat.. and dont want to change.. ! EGAD… i want to be a success.. not a statistic .. you are so inspirational!! wish there was more people like you around me .. I live in Texas .. and i need to find some people that are doing this .. Congratulations for staying on your fast! .. i read your newsletters .. and watch your video’s .. i will keep trying =)

    1. Thank you So much!
      I get it. It’s tough to prepare for yourself to do right when you’re prepping for other people who aren’t on the same journey as you. I’m a cook so I know how it is to be around all the temptations that food brings. You just have to try to block it out and know that your goal is more important than a moment of satisfaction from food. I appreciate your support! Please feel free to share my posts and vids with your friends and family on all your social networks.

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