June 23, 2024


How Strong Is Your Foundation? | My Gym Flooded #GetTheStrap

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How Strong Is Your Foundation?








What a day, what a day! Let’s get right into it. I come home to my basement, my gym, flooding with water. There was a lot of rain in my city last night, up to eighteen inches. We are scheduled to get more tonight as well. The reasons why the water came into my basement, is a test.

It seems like life will take you through situations to test your mental. Test to see where you’re going to fold or go. You’re looking at it like, what’s this lesson? What’s the reason for the lesson? These are the questions you have to ask yourself to try to make it all make sense.

There’s always a positive outcome out of tragic experiences. It’s a lesson being taught, and learned in the same moment. I’ll take this as HOW STRONG IS YOUR FOUNDATION FOR FITNESS? Well, one of the lessons, but this is what’s making sense to me at the moment.

Every time you’re focusing more on your diet, trying to stay focused, BOOM…something crazy happens. What’s the next step? You emotionally eat, then sabotage your progress. You keeping repeating this same cycle over and over again. Now you have to start over. The goal has been pushed back farther. You’re to blame on how you react to situations.

You have to know this situation isn’t any different in how you’re to respond. So many times you have gotten how you’re to react, wrong. You know what sets you off, to go on an eating binge. Lord knows when or what will make you snap out of it. Once you do, that same situation is going to be there that you responded to by binging, in addition to whatever fitness setbacks that binge has now caused you.

It’s all about how you react. How strong is your foundation? Everytime something negative happens, you run to food? How long are you going to keep doing that. This is not showing strength. This is a life long battle, be prepared to have it shaken up. Learn how to maturely respond without sabotaging your health. You have to learn that abusing yourself in stressful situations will not relieve the stress. It won’t change the situation. It’s a moment in time you’re relieved with indulgence.

Literally, my foundation was shaken by this flood. In parallel, I’m looking at it like your mental foundation has to be stronger than this. There will be a blessing out of all of this. Whether it’s a lesson learned, or a lesson taught. This is a humbling experience. I thank God I am going through this. It could be a lot worst and I will have to be stronger if I am ever pushed beyond this.

It’s strength building for your mental and spirit. Don’t crack so easily. You will always go through something one way or another. Be ready. Make sure your foundation is stronger than the situation. You’re in control of your mind and how it reacts to situation. Don’t sabotage your progress reacting to stress. It will add more stress. Adding two negatives equates to more negativity. Adding more positivity to a negative equates to more positivity, only when the positivity is greater than the negative. Life is a big math problem!



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