May 21, 2024


Fresh Ginger Root Peppermint Tea #FightTheRona

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How To Make Fresh Ginger Root Peppermint Tea


What You Will Need
-Fresh Ginger Root (palmful)
-16oz purified bottled water
-1 single serving peppermint tea bag

1. Thinly slice fresh ginger root to the thickness of a coin
2. Place sliced ginger root in small pot
3. Pour 16 oz of bottled water in the pot
4. Place lid onto pot (if you don’t have a lid, that’s fine)
5. Turn stovetop on high & let boil
6. Let boil for 5 mins
7. Remove from heat, and remove lid
8. Place 1 bag of peppermint tea (amazon link) in the hot water
9. Place lid on top, let seep for 5 mins
10. Remove lid, pour in tea cup, cool 5 mins, sip & enjoy

Benefits of Fresh Ginger

How Does Peppermint Help With Congestion


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