May 16, 2022

#SundayConfessions 8-28-16

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I can’t believe this is the last Sunday of the month.  The month of August flew right by!  Without further or due , let’s get to these Sunday Confessions.

Before I juice/ meal prep I light an inscent. I don’t know why.  I guess it just sets the mood.

I usually start writing my Sunday confessions after I post the most recent one.  Today I didn’t start until….today.  I didn’t think I wanted to post them today but by the time I woke up and came to my senses I decided to post.

Today is official Day 55 of my juice fast.  As I stated in my previous post I’m thinking of going for longer than 60 days.  One of the main reasons is because I’ve done 60 days before but never more than 60.  Second I’m kinda nervous of getting reacquainted with solid foods again. I just need to hold it together and not binge.  Third I’m not at the weight I forecasted to be at 55 days ago.  It’s frustrating but, I keep reminding myself that I am lifting weights while all of this is going on. I don’t want that to be a crutch though.

Im proud of my choices now Blessed to have a correct way of thinking now But lo key I really want some pizza right about now lol

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I’ve been off and on with my running this summer.  Starting in September I’ll be running more consistently.  I don’t care for the new treadmills at my gym.  Some days I want to run the track then other days I don’t.  I haven’t been outside because the weather has been differnt this summer to say the least.


Working on a new video for you all HOW TO MAKE BEEF BONE BROTH ?

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4 thoughts on “#SundayConfessions 8-28-16

  1. I was always told muscle weighs more then fat.. so if your not at your goal weight.. maybe its all that muscle =) you look marvelous =)

  2. Chris. I’ll speak for everyone else in saying how proud of you we are! You inspire us daily by your example and attitude.

    #SundayConfessions 8-28-16 I could have been more dedicated this past week. I allowed the stress / hours worked as my work to impede my goal.

    #SundayConfessions Even though I was at about 70% this week, I still feel so much better than I have in the longest time!

    #SundayConfessions It’s nice to hear people comment about my new attitude and clearer complexion and slimmer physique.

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