#SundayConfessions 2-12-17

#SundayConfessions 2-12-17 #SundayConfession Super Bowl was last Sunday and that’s the day I ended my fast. I went a total of 23 days without solids. Well if you count the time I ate a piece of jackfruit for this video I shot, then it was maybe about 21. I’m still debating if I want to […]

#SundayConfessions 7-3-16

#SundayConfessions 7-3-16 #SundayConfession I have a habit of cleaning my ears out with a qtip before I get in the shower.  I have no clue why I do that.  I’m weird at times. I do clean them after as well but I have no clue why I don’t just stick to doing it after. #SundayConfession […]