#SundayConfessions 4-16-17

#SundayConfessions 4-16-17 HAPPY RESURRECTION SUNDAY #SundayConfessions I couldnt pass up the chance to be petty. My downstairs neighbor was walking his dog at 2am, beung very loud, instructing him to go “poo-poo” ?. I was not happy. So when I woke up at 5am I turned my washer & dishwasher on. I hope the spin […]

#SundayConfessions 4-9-17

SundayConfessions 4-9-17 #SundayConfession Sorry for the late post! Better late than never. Ive been driving a lot lately to save up for a new camera. It’s time to upgrade the visual quality of my videos. I am almost there and I can’t wait shoot. #SundayConfession Speaking of shoot, I visited the gun range this week. […]

#SundayConfessions 4-2-17

#SundayConfessions 4-2-17 #SundayConfession I’ve avoided fb messenger for months. You know I finally installed it not too long ago. You know what? I like it. Now they’ve rolled out a new feature that’s like Instagram stories / Snapchat. I like this feature as well. #SundayConfession This is Day 16 of my fast with no solid […]

#SundayConfessions 3-26-17

#SundayConfessions 3-26-17 All-righty folks here they are. #SundayConfessions from you! I’ve been asking you all for the past three weeks to submit your #SundayConfessions to be posted for the last Sunday of the month. I appreciate the two that did submit theirs. I hope to get more from you all in April. You can start […]

#SundayConfessions 3-12-17

#SundayConfessions 3-12-17     #SundayConfession Last week I asked for you, the reader, to submit your #SundayConfession so they will be posted the last week of this month. I didn’t receive anything! Yeah I was upset. Lol, I’m like, no one wants to participate? I’ll give it a few more days. It’s not too late […]

#SundayConfessions 3-5-17

#SundayConfessions 3-5-17 #SundayConfession I’m literally running off of 1 hour of sleep. I was out Ubering until 2am this morning. I did take a nap from about 1pm-6pm, so technically I got 6 hours of sleep. Ubering is fun to me. I don’t want to sound like a salesman but it’s a great way to […]

#SundayConfessions 2-19-17

#SundayConfessions 2-19-17 #SundayConfessions My mind is everywhere as of late. I feel like I’m wearing ten thousand hats at the same time. I’m at about a 30% Kanye level right now. If, let’s hope not, I reach 100% Kanye level, I don’t want it to get ugly #SundayConfessions I am officially an Uber driver. I […]

#SundayConfessions 2-12-17

#SundayConfessions 2-12-17 #SundayConfession Super Bowl was last Sunday and that’s the day I ended my fast. I went a total of 23 days without solids. Well if you count the time I ate a piece of jackfruit for this video I shot, then it was maybe about 21. I’m still debating if I want to […]

#SundayConfessions 2-5-17

#SundayConfessions 2-5-17 Happy Super Bowl Sunday ! Super Bowl in the states is more of a national holiday. I was out walmarting yesterday and the store was super packed. You have thought it was Christmas Eve. Anyways let’s get to it. #SundayConfession I missed last weeks confession simply because I didn’t feel like it. #SundayConfession […]