#ThursdayThoughts – IN THE ZONE 

IN THE ZONE   I hope you’re having a successful day so far!  Today marks Day 18 of my no solid food intake fast.  My intake is fresh pressed juices, smoothies, tea, water, soups, and peanut butter.  Don’t make me defend my peanut butter now.  I’m IN THE ZONE.  When I’m in the zone, my […]


ARM DAY WORKOUT 600 REPS     ARM DAY Thank you for joining me I hope you’re having a successful day so far Today is arm day I will be super setting bicep & triceps for 600 reps total CLOSE GRIP PULL UPS- 10 (10) BODY DIPS-10 (10) BICEP CURLS- 4 (25) TRICEP EXTENTIONS- 4 […]

#SundayConfession 5-1-16

#SundayConfession 5-1-16   #SundayConfession I went ahead and installed the Facebook app to my phone. ??????. I can only use safari so much.  They finally got me….again. What I am not feeling is you need an additional app for your inboxes.  That’s stupid.  I refuse to install that one though.   #SundayConfession I haven’t been […]


315LB BARBELL LUNGE   I hit a new PR on my Barbell Lunges. 315 POUNDS!!!!  I felt great so I decided to go for it.  Enjoy the video!   Please share this post on all your social media sites. Each one teach one Spread love not war Speak positivity into your life and someone else’s […]

#ThursdayThoughts – I CAN EAT WHATEVER I WANT

I CAN EAT WHATEVER I WANT I can eat whatever I want. Don’t question me about it either!  I can eat whatever I want, just because I lost weight.  I can eat whatever I want, I know what I’m doing. The only thing that is right about this post is the picture that you see […]


CHIA SEED GEL Chia Seed Gel is made by soaking chia seeds in liquid until it forms into a gel.  It was first used by the Aztecs & Myans as a staple in their diet for endurance & stamina.  It has many nutritional benefits and is a rich source of antioxidants and omega 3 fats.  There […]

#SundayConfession 4-24-16

#SundayConfession 4-24-16 #SundayConfession  I’ve had two great days lifting in the gym and I didn’t bring my go pro on either day.   I’m very upset with myself.  Every time I left my apartment something would tell me to bring it but I second guessed myself.  Always trust your instincts.   I couldn’t  resist setting […]


LEG DAY WORKOUT 300 REPS Today I will be showing you my Leg Day workout Im going for 300 Reps!  Here’s the breakdown of my entire workout. WEIGHTS LEG EXTENSIONS -85LBS- 4(25) HAMSTRING CURLS- 65LBS- 4(25) -(I count leg extensions & hamstring curls as 1 exercise, not two.) REVERSE HACK SQUATS- 135LBS 25 REPS 315LBS- […]

#SundayConfession 4-17-16

#SundayConfession 4-17-16   #SundayConfession I get very irritated when I’m at work and I hear the song WORK by Rihanna.  Nothing against her at all, but the timing for me is all wrong.  Talk about irony #SundayConfession I haven’t worked out with my Training Mask in over a month.  I normally alternate weeks when I […]


PINA COLADA SMOOTHIE   After making my HOMEMADE COCONUT MILK, I decided to make this PINA COLADA SMOOTHIE.  It’s really simple to make, and delicious to taste.  These are the ingredients you will need. 12 oz COCONUT MILK 2 FROZEN BANANAS 2 CUPS OF FRESH PINEAPPLE 4 ICE CUBE BLEND & ENJOY CLICK THE PLAY […]