QUICK MORNING HOME WORKOUT GOOD MORNING! This is a quick workout that I do first thing in the morning.  The good thing about it, it’s done from the comfort of my own home.  #NoGymNoExuses!  I’m not able to get to the gym until late in the afternoons.  I do this workout to wake up so […]

#SundayConfessions 8-28-16

#SundayConfessions 8-28-16 I can’t believe this is the last Sunday of the month.  The month of August flew right by!  Without further or due , let’s get to these Sunday Confessions. #SundayConfession Before I juice/ meal prep I light an inscent. I don’t know why.  I guess it just sets the mood. #SundayConfession I usually […]

#ThursdayThoughts – DAY 50 OF MY JUICE FAST

#ThursdayThoughts DAY 50 OF MY JUICE FAST Day 50 of my juice fast is here!  I’m happy I’ve made it this far.    People are amazed I’ve gone this long without a solid meal.  I’ve done this so many times, in regards to juicing, that going without solid foods does not phase me. As you […]


HIGH INTENSITY AB WORKOUT   Here’s a workout video for you.  It’s my HIGH INTENSITY AB WORKOUT.  I have provided you a video below to show you how its done. 3 ROUNDS/SETS 10 BURPEES 20 HIGH KNEES 30 SEATED C SIT/CRUNCHES Try this and let me know how you like it.     Please share […]

#SundayConfessions 8-21-16

#SundayConfessions 8-21-16       #SundayConfession I know I was suppose to make a video on how to make homemade coconut oil.  I kept failing at making it so I put it on hold for a while.  I’ll get to it.     #SundayConfession I don’t trust anyone who takes selfies at work and remains […]


I NEED YOUR HELP! NAME THIS SMOOTHIE! I need your help in naming this smoothie.  I don’t know what to call it so I’m calling on YOU to name it for me.  Please leave the suggested name for the smoothie in the comment section below.  I will choose the official name/ winner in a few […]

#ThursdayThoughts – WTF?!!!?

#ThursdayThoughts WTF?!!!? You ever been minding your own business then all of a sudden you think WTF?!!!?   When the thought hits you, it’s like you’re blindsided. You want answers.  WHERE’S THE FOOD?!!!?  When hunger strikes beware!  That’s how I am.  Once I get really hungry, I get hangry (hungry + angry). Being on any […]

MakeItUltra Blogger Award

MakeItUltra Blogger Award   I was nominated for the MakeItUltra Blogger award from Shay-lon!  Please follow/subscribe to her blog https://fitness9555.wordpress.com She just recently celebrated reaching her 200th follower on her blog!  Congrats!  You’re on your way to become a world wide sensation!  Keep up the great work.  Sorry it took so long to respond to this.  Better late […]


455LB DEADLIFT- NEW PR!   I was so happy to hit a new pr (personal record) on my deadlifts.  I thought it was 450lbs when I recorded it.  It wasn’t until I was editing the video and re added the weights, it was 455lbs!  In weight lifting, 5lbs is all the difference in the world. […]

#SundayConfessions 8-14-16

#SundayConfessions 8-14-16     #SundayConfession Today marks Day 41 of my juice fast.  I haven’t been tracking/ documenting anything since Day 30.  I tried to do it yesterday but later in the afternoon I just stopped.  I haven’t broken my fast.  Just haven’t been documenting as much.  I’ll do better.   #SundayConfession I get angry […]