JUICING IN BULK- 3 CELERY-STRAWBERRIES-BRUSSELS SPROUTS- GREEN PEARS BENEFITS Celery Strawberries Brussels Sprouts Green Pears       Please share this post on all your social media sites. Each one teach one Spread love not war Speak positivity into your life and someone else’s life Please subscribe to this site Most importantly HAVE A SUCCESSFUL […]

#SundayConfession 4-3-16

#SundayConfession 4-3-16 #SundayConfession I’ve had a sweet tooth for the last week and I’ve given into it.  What more can I say?  I bought this post Easter candy for my nephew and nieces since it was on sale.  They’ve yet to come over though. RIP to those chocolate covered almonds, Reese’s & the jellybeans.  Well […]

#ThursdayThoughts – I HATE WORKING OUT!

I HATE WORKING OUT!   I hate working out after rest days.   It takes me about a day or two to get back into rhythm.  Monday was my first day back in the gym after a 10 day lay off.  There’s is no problem with taking time to recover mentally and physically.   I […]


CHEST & BACK WORKOUT 300 REPS Today I will be working on my chest and back.  I will be super setting these exercises.  Super setting is the act of working out the opposing muscle as one rests.  That’s the best I can word it for you.  Here’s a better explanation.  SUPERSETS  After each set with […]


THE FEAR OF POWER “No one man should have all that power.”  A lyric by Kanye West “People fear what they don’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer Guess it’s just the fury of man” A lyric by Nas These are two quotes that pop in my head when I think of the fear of […]

#SundayConfession 3-27-16

#SundayConfession 3-27-16     HAPPY RESURRECTION SUNDAY! #SundayConfession Last Thursday after my big run I decided that I was gonna take a few days off from the gym.  I said I wasn’t going back until Monday.  Well Monday came and I just slept in.  Then came Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  I did workout in […]

#ThursdayThoughts – I AM NOT A BEAST

I AM NOT A BEAST   I am not a beast, nor animal.  I am a God.  I have dominion over all.  What do I mean?  This recent trend of calling ourselves monsters or beasts when it comes to how hard we workout in the gym.  I will never associate myself with something I have […]


JUICING IN BULK: 2 Today I will be juicing in bulk Broccoli- 2 Crowns Cauliflower- 1 Full Head Red Apples- 1 bag Peaches- 7   Broccoli is rich in iron.  Iron is needed to produce blood cells.  It’s also high in folate- which is necessary for the production of DNA, and keeps your eyes, skin and […]


PEANUT BUTTER BANANA SMOOTHIE For those of you who’ve been following me, you know my love for peanut butter.  So much I started to make my own.  (HOMEMADE PEANUT BUTTER) I’ve taken that love to the next level with my PEANUT BUTTER BANANA SMOOTHIE.  This is so delicious!  I have listed the ingredients on what […]

#SundayConfession 3-20-16

#SundayConfession 3-20-16   #SundayConfession When I wash my feet in the shower after a long run I congratulate them.I say great job out there. I’ve had feet issues in the past that caused severe pain from being overweight. Now that’s an issue of the past I’m humble that I’m able to be on my feet […]