#ThursdayThoughts – PERVERTED THOUGHTS

#ThursdayThoughts PERVERTED THOUGHTS   It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write anything.  I’ve been trying something new for the past few weeks, which was creating videos for these #ThursdayThoughts.  I like creating videos, but I also like writing.  It’s a bit more therapeutic for me.   I know you may be questioning […]


STARBUCKS STRAWBERRY REFRESHER REVIEW       I tried this Strawberry Refresher drink from Starbucks Here’s a video Food Review to let you know what I think.  If you’ve tried it before let me know what you think about it.  Please watch the video and let me know wha you think.  Thanks in advance!   […]


JUICING IN BULK 7   Here’s my latest juicing recipe/video.  JUICING IN BULK 7.  I would love it if you would try this recipe and let me know how you like it. 1 BAG OF PINK LADY APPLES 3 BEETS 4 ZUCCHINI 1 BAG OF ORANGES   CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO     […]


JUICING IN BULK 6   I want you to try this new juicing recipe CABBAGE, PEACHES, GINGER ROOT, CELERY, and PEARS.  I have provided a video for you to watch.  Please watch & share!  Thanks!   CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO   Please share this on all your social media sites. DON’T FORGET TO […]

#ThursdayThoughts – DAY 30 OF MY JUICE FAST

#ThursdayThoughts DAY 30 OF MY JUICE FAST       I couldn’t have planned this out even if I tried.  What I mean is, Day 30 of my 60 day juice fast lined up for #ThursdayThoughts.  Technically my Day 30 was yesterday, Wed 8-3-16.   I had something else in mind to write, but I […]